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What are the health benefits of regular social oxygen use ?
We can not and DO NOT make any medical or health related claims related to use of our oxygen bars. However the benefits of oxygen are indisputable, why else would hospitals across the world use it to assist healing and recovery for so many medical conditions and for the elderly? Oxygen is a life force and with an oxygen bar the healing and rejuvenating effects of oxygen therapy are available to all of us.

Adults typically do not know how to breathe correctly. Only infants and babies know naturally how to take in full oxygen. Adults breathe shallow and hold their breath when they are tense. The whole purpose of cardiovascular exercises and of Pranayam in Yoga is to regulate your breath to take in more oxygen. Regular use of oxygen bars to some degree produces the same effect. And has the added advantage of not requiring a physical effort and bringing you at the same time, the full benefit of aromatherapy.

The overall benefits of oxygen bar use reported by people include a greater level of energy and increased clarity of mind. Memory is often improved and people describe a sense of heightened awareness, increased perception, and being “sharper” mentally. Physically, muscle and tissue relaxation is promoted, reduction in body aches and pain, relaxation and stress relief, help against colds, coughs, cluster headaches, migraines, relief from some sinus conditions.

It is also the most amazing cure for a hangover ever!