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Oxygen Bar and Lounge
Have you wondered what it is like on a space ship? How does it feel in the absence of gravity (something to pull you down), noise or to have a feeling of weightlessness (absence of burden)? Come to our Waiting to2 Inhale!! ® Oxygen Bar and Lounge and find out. In the midst of the daily hustle bustle and din, we have tried to create a little place – an oasis- for the purpose of de-stressing, rejuvenating, and socializing with friends.

Once you make an appointment, we welcome you and chose the aromas of your liking. What kind of mood would you like to be in? Are you stressed out? Can’t sleep? Do you feel sluggish? Have aches and pain all over? Have a headache? Cold? Sinus? Allergies? Depending on your answers and your preferences, we will mix the aromas to suit your taste.

You get four aromas with a help of a cannula. Inhale one at a time, two, three or have a cocktail of aromas! It’s all up to you. Sit back. Relax. Do you want a massager under your feet? Go ahead, turn it on. One behind your back? Sure. Want something psychedelic for fun? Try our brain machine. Need to shoot off some emails? Don’t worry. Bring your laptop. The Wi-Fi is on us. If you ask us nicely, we might also give you a nice oxygen facial J.

All of the above sounds great. But what is greater, is that you can access our lounge every day for a minimal yearly membership, payable monthly. Our members have unlimited usage privileges. All you have to do is to call us to let us know you are coming.

Here is another benefit. We also offer our lounge as a rental space for meetings, parties and events. Please call us for our rates and services. Our lounge can be used for your association meetings, moms’ clubs, corporate meetings, children and adult birthday parties, class reunions, let’s hang-out teenage parties and more. You will have access to the lounge and/or the surrounding 1,000 sq. ft of space.

Want more? Our Waiting to2 Inhale!! ® Oxygen Bar & Lounge is also a location for business and social networking. We have launched our NJ Oxygen Aficionado Group on Meet up whereby the members will gather at the Lounge twice a month for business and social networking.

We at Waiting to2 Inhale!! ® Oxygen Bars & Lounge extend an invitation to all our fans, friends, patrons and well-wishers to EAT, PRAY, LOVE AND INHALE with us……….