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Oxygen For Your Business
Are you looking to provide something healthy and unique to motivate your employee’s and excite your workplace? Are you hosting a corporate event or party and are looking for that something extra to make the event truly special? Or do you have a high stress environment and are looking to provide some stress relief for your top performers? Adding an Oxygen bar to the mix is a proven way to bring a smile to your employees' faces, while increasing their energy, well-being and productivity, not to mention a boost in your business reputation, customer satisfaction and to the bottom line - your profits.  We cater all types of corporate events
and can even provide regular programs at your workplace that allow employees' more frequent access to the healing and rejuvenating power of oxy-aromatherapy while on the job.

Consider the following: 
  • Absenteeism cost employers between $17 billion to $33.6 billion annually.
  • Work related Stress is one of the leading causes of loss of productivity and absenteeism
  • Employees who are also caregivers, often exhibit unhealthy lifestyles, lack of sleep, and neglect taking care of themselves while under the stresses of both working and care giving.

As a strategy to assist employees to cope with the stress associated with their job and family life and to mitigate the costs associated with it, we propose creation of an “oxygen lounge”. It will serve as a getaway, a rejuvenation center for employees, patients, clients and visitors as well. It will also boost their energy levels, alertness and motivation and also create a stress-free work environment.

An oxygen bar & lounge would also be quite an addition to many law/financial firms, business offices and health centers. If you are a salon, spa, gym, yoga studio or a business in the beauty & wellness industry, partner with us to host customer appreciation events.

In the alternative, we recommend our oxygen bar rental services from time to time to help refresh, renew and recharge your employees at your premises.

Additionally, Waiting to2 Inhale!! ® Oxygen Bars can also help in your fundraising efforts and community service projects.

We have established a niche in the corporate and private sector as “the” company to go to for events, trade shows and parties. Oxygen bars can be used for lunch or after work stress relief or even business meetings. Our goal is to provide recreational oxygen for wellness and fun.


Is your company trying to attract more customers/clients to your business?
Is your company launching a new product or service?
Is your company going to be at a trade show and you need more foot traffic at your booth?
Is your company trying to woo promoters, investors, business partners, more customers or clients?
Is your company trying to upscale their brand?
Our oxygen bars have been used as part of all these business promotional strategies and more.

Call us to discuss your own unique ideas and see how we can breathe life into your business!