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The Experience

Do you wonder what it feels like to inhale oxygen? Is it safe? Is it healthy? How does one feel afterwards? How long does it last in the system?

Experience shows that it depends on the constitution of the person inhaling oxygen. The long line of athletes (our repeated customers) at our oxygen bar on weekends confirms that oxygen boosts energy. The late evening insomniacs confirm that oxygen inhalation with certain aromas promotes sleep. The partyers/partygoers on Sunday morning (?!!) confirm that oxygen is a prime hangover remedy.  Our own experience confirms that oxygen made us feel a significant reduction of jetlag after long and frequent flights around the world.  But perhaps the best endorsement for us was from the groups of students who came regularly after school on school days.  They would drag their mothers on weekends with a request to us to give them oxygen and certain aromas to calm them down so they could escape from their mothers’ wrath for whatever they had done during the week :) How sweet!

While we can not and do not make any medical claims related to oxygen therapy, we stand by the testimonials of hundreds of users. But we proclaim about the fun aspect of oxygen inhalation from the rooftops. If you like colors, lights, bubbles, inhaling oxygen with enchanting aromas while talking to your friends or sipping a drink or getting an oxygen facial or while sitting on a chair with a back massager and a foot massager or the brain machine over your eyes and music in your ears, you are the one we welcome.

Come, get high on oxygen! ®