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The Science
Using an Oxygen Bar is such an exciting party idea, that it is easy to forget just how beneficial social oxygen use can be to your health, your mood, and your general longevity. Long before oxygen bars came into being and made a healthy activity fun, hospitals and rehabilitation centers have been using oxygen therapy for decades in the recovery regime for many types of illnesses and as an aid to post- operative recovery.

The reason for this is simple: As we get older or become sick or weak, our cells are less able to efficiently process oxygen. Add to this the fact that due to pollution, deforestation, and other man- made processes, Oxygen levels in our standard air are now less than 21%.The effect of increased environmental toxins and a decrease in breathable oxygen is believed by many to be accelerating the decay of our bodies on a cellular level, and decreasing the general health of the population. Our Waiting to2 Inhale!!® oxygen bars however provide almost 95% pure oxygen to users (hospitals use 99%) stimulating the same accelerated healing and enhanced cellular functioning that hospitals strive for in their use of clinical oxygen.

Oxygen bar equipment operates on the simple science of pulling the ambient air through a filtering system, purifying it, and then adding hydration and aromatherapy to complete the experience

Each Oxygen bar consists of an “AROMA INFUSOR”. Purified Oxygen is passed through up to four different water based aroma which the user can then mix together according to their preference. For information on the aromas available and their commonly understood properties, see our section on Oxy- Aromatherapy.

Our generators emit 5LPM of oxygen per minute which is enjoyed by two individuals who consume 2.5 LPM each. The purified water hydrates the nasal passages. The aromas provide stimulus to the senses, emotions and physical wellbeing. Our colorful, bubbly, bright oxygen infusers deliver this experience to the consumer through a cannula or a nose hose, similar to the one that is used in the hospitals. It is the best way to get the oxygen into the nasal passages.

We use natural aromas in a variety of flavors – herbal, fruity, flowery or pure fun. The mixer allows these scents to blend together creating a unique experience for each user.

If you have any questions about whether you might be suitable for oxygen bar usage, always contact your physician first.